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Kimchi House


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407 Patricia Street
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Owner Monica An warmly greets her guests at the only Korean restaurant in Jasper. Authentic dishes of her native country are made from scratch and presented in colourful and often surprising ways. Selections arrive in hot pots, long and elegant dishes, sizzling hot plates and heated stone bowls. Patrons can request the tasty sauces be made mild, medium or spicy.


The décor at Kimchi House features Korean art, wood accents and lacquered tables. Located a block from most other downtown Jasper establishments, this small restaurant is a hidden gem worth seeking out for a unique meal.

Menu Samples

  • Appetizers: Deep-Fried Dumplings; Dried Seaweed Rolls with Rice, Beef and Vegetables; Korean Egg Roll; Pancake with Ground Mung Bean, Pork and Kimchi; Bacon Wrapped Scallops; Salads; Stir-Fried Spicy Rice Cakes; Fried Yam; Warm Tofu & Kimchi
  • Hot Pot Soups: Soft Tofu; Kimchi with Pork; Soybean Paste; Assorted Seafood; Beef with Egg, Clear Potato Noodles and Bean Sprouts; mild, medium or spicy
  • Noodles: Flour Noodle Soup with Beef, Seafood or Tofu; Buckwheat Noodle with Cold Broth
  • Man Doo Gook: Korean wanton soup
  • Bul Go Gi: stir-fried marinated sliced beef with veggies on sizzling plate
  • Bul Gal Bi: grilled marinated beef short ribs on a sizzling plate
  • Dol Sot Bibim Bab: colourful veggies, beef and egg on rice in a hot stone bowl
  • Jab Tang Bab: stir-fried assorted seafood with clear potato noodles, veggies and homemade chili sauce
  • Jab Chae Bab: stir-fried clear potato noodles with beef, veggies and sweet sesame sauce
  • Hae-Mul Bok-Um: stir-fried seafood with veggies and homemade chili sauce
  • Chicken Tang Soo: deep-fried chicken with veggies, sweet and sour sauce
  • Sides: Kimchi; Bean Sprouts; Seaweed Salad
  • Desserts: Green Tea Ice Cream; Cheesecake

Mains$16 to $26

Drinks: wines $35, two choices, $6 by the glass, two choices; domestic and imported beer $5.50 to $6.50; sake, spirits and Jinro Soju $6 to $25

11 am to 10 pm, Sunday from noon
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